Dpf Particle Cleaning Machine

Dpf Particle Cleaning Machine
Dpf Particle Cleaning Machine

Plane Maker for Mac Dpf particle cleaning machine as Producer, particulate filter and catalyst in terms of cleaning machines and cleaning ability of working in Turkey and in Europe carries a first property. It is produced as AISI 304 quality indexed to the cleaning product used. The complete cleaning and reaction environment of the product takes place when the liquid reaches 80 degrees heat.

Product features;

  • Particle and catalyst binding feature up to 150 cm
  • Clamps up to 40..80 mm diameter
  • Feature of adjusting water flow rate with automatic electric valve
  • Water flow power max. 0-12 bar feature
  • Tank and water level control system with sensor
  • Resistance protection sensor
  • 220 volt AC operation (Optional 220V)
  • Working with compressor between 5-10 bar
  • All the metal parts used in our cabinet machine are 304 stainless steel and other brands that have proven themselves in the sector are preferred. Therefore, quality has come to the fore.